Abbie Walsh

Hand Embroidery


Product Care

All bespoke commissions are one-off, Abbie Walsh occasionally makes limited edition pieces using the same design, however they will all be hand embellished with beadwork and embroidery, so by that nature will be one-offs. Each piece is exclusive to you.

Abbie Walsh designs are made to order and loves developing ideas with you. However, Abbie Walsh will not reproduce someone else’s designs. Due to the nature of bespoke commissions Abbie Walsh is only able to do a few at a time. Abbie Walsh works on a que system, in line with deposit payment received. Please contact me to discuss further.

Products are made by Abbie Walsh, all embellishments are stitched by hand, Abbie Walsh strives for perfection, however due to the nature of hand sewing and craftsmanship, tiny imperfections may occur, these only add to their charm. Products should be cleaned with thought, spot clean, in some cases delicate hand wash or dry clean. Please contact Abbie Walsh if you have any queries or questions

Contacting me

Please email alternatively, DM Abbie Walsh through Instagram. Abbie Walsh aims to reply to all messages within 48hrs, if you don’t hear from Abbie Walsh within that time, it could mean her reply may have popped itself into your spam/junk box, so please check there or try Abbie Walsh through a different avenue.

Press Loans

Abbie Walsh is happy to lend and create pieces for shoots, please contact
Any items lost or damaged will be invoiced for.

Product Description

Every effort has been made to ensure product description and photographs are a true representation of the product. Every effort has been made to best describe each item.


Abbie Walsh prices her products to how long they’ve taken to create, by the hour, in addition to materials used. Abbie Walsh has a set price list for certain pieces, for new designs, Abbie Walsh will give you a quote for the cost. As each piece is handmade, predominantly stitched by hand, one-off or limited edition, prices do vary. It all depends on how much embellishment you would like.

For Bespoke Commissions Abbie Walsh accepts BAC payments and PayPal. After we have finalised your design concept, Abbie Walsh will send a non refundable invoice for 50%, on completion a final invoice including delivery cost will be sent. If you add extra design detail along the way, we can discuss and an additional invoice will be sent on completion.

Bespoke Commissions

All bespoke commissions are made by Abbie Walsh, much time, care and thought is put into every piece. Your order will be discussed along the way. Abbie Walsh aim to have orders completed within 2-9 weeks, please be aware at busy periods it may take a little longer. Abbie Walsh would of course let you know if this is the case and you are welcome to contact Abbie Walsh at anytime. At busy times, Abbie Walsh closes her order books and will not take new orders on. If you wish to be contacted when her order book reopens, please contact Abbie Walsh.

Rush orders will be considered on a case by case situation. All orders are handmade, with correspondence throughout the process and it’s only fair that Abbie Walsh makes orders in line in which they are placed. Abbie Walsh will do my very best to get all orders completed as quickly as possible, however please remember everything is made with much consideration, time and love so please allow plenty of time.

Abbie Walsh is open to discussion to work with retailers to create pieces and collaborate for wholesale.


All designs are under copyright Abbie Walsh and Artwork Heather Moore.