Abbie Walsh

Hand Embroidery


Since 2009, when widening my journey with my own designs, sustainability and slow fashion is inherent in everything I create.

A life long love of vintage and antique materials, my background in vintage fashion and costume, my upbringing of never wasting, recycling and understanding the value of materials, has all given me grounding for creating sustainable pieces.


Hand sewing by its very nature takes much time and patience, therefore does not have a quick turn around, my pieces are to be loved all year round, no trends or seasons.

One of a kind & Limited Edition

Bespoke commissions are truly one of a kind, small collections are limited to materials I source, all hand made, by that nature will be limited edition.
I believe that this adds character to each piece I create, making it all the more exclusive.


I use beautiful vintage and antique materials, dating back over the past 100 yrs, occasionally as far back as Georgian, this includes fabrics, beads, sequins, stones, trims. Having worked in costume in theatre for over 20 yrs I have accumulated a stock of deadstock costume materials which I also use in my designs. These materials would otherwise be left in a storage for decades or binned.

All other materials are sensibly sourced from researched companies.

Packaging is carefully considered, recyclable or made from recycled materials.

Who makes my pieces

Each product is made by myself or made locally in Faversham, Kent, UK by skillful seamstresses, all within walking distance.
I collaborate with brilliant Dorset based designer Laura Basevi on the reworked vintage jackets, these are all made using antique cottons and trims.
Original artwork for the embroidery is created by talented tattoo artist Heather Moore in Faversham.
All embroidery and beadwork is done by myself.

When you make a purchase or order a commission with me, you are supporting a family and other creatives.

Each piece is exclusive to you. Made with much thought and care, Abbie x